about KCG : Komuro Consulting Group

Our Origin

1.Origin of the “KOMURO CG”(Masashi KOMURO, 2011)
  ● K : KomuroCG
  ● O : One
  ● M : Method
  ● U : Universal
  ● R : Respect
  ● O : Organization
  ● C : Consulting
  ● G : Group

Our Identity

1.Living and Working together in Harmony(Masashi KOMURO, 2011)
  ● Work/Life Integration
  ● Career and Personal Development
  ● Co-Creation
2.Respect Diversity(Masashi KOMURO, 2011)
  ● Gender and Sexual Diversity
  ● Age Diversity
  ● Racial Diversity
  ● Ethnic Diversity
  ● Religious Diversity
  ● Nationality Diversity
  ● Glocal Diversity
  ● Cultural Diversity
  ● Personality Diversity
  ● Valuing Diversity
  ● Physical and Mental Ability Diversity
3.Perpetual Quest for Perfection(Masashi KOMURO, 2011)
  ● Transcenders
  ● Dream Organization and Group
  ● Completely Novel Application and Content
  ● Innovative Product and Service
  ● Gee-whiz Hardware and Software

Our Symbols

- Bridge Between Businesses Across Continents(Masashi KOMURO, 2011) -

Black  :  The World’s Five Land Masses

 Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Oceania

B   Blue : Peace, Trust, Cleanliness, Fair, Intelligence, etc.

Y   Yellow : Knowledge, Curiosity, Vivacity, Development, Freedom, etc.

B   Black : Ultimate, Mystery, Confidence, Fidelity, Tradition, etc.

G   Green : Happiness, Health, Hope, Nature, Environment, etc.

R   Red : bravery, Love, Fancy, Revolution, vibrancy, etc.

Our Tagline

◇ The Insatiable Quest for Special “ONE”(Masashi KOMURO, 2009)
◇ The Business for “YOU”(Masashi KOMURO, 2009)
◇ “OPEN” to All People from All Over The World(Masashi KOMURO, 2009)
◇ Japan as No.1 “AGAIN”(Masashi KOMURO, 2009)
◇ All Roads Lead to “SUCCESS”(Masashi KOMURO, 2009)
◇ Discover The “NEXT” Generation of Talent(Masashi KOMURO, 2009)

Our Individual and Group and Organization

1.The Four Most Important Elements of Group and Organization(Masashi KOMURO, 2010)
Keywords:Individual, Group, Organization, Elements, Role, Relationship
Boundary, Goal, Behavior, Structure, Role Behavior

Our Organizational Form

1.Autonomous Distributed Collaboration-based Organization(Masashi KOMURO, 2010)
Keywords:Optimization, Autonomy, Distribution, Collaboration, Empowerment, Control
Leadership, Followership, Top-down, Middle-up, Middle-down, Bottom-up, HPWS
 1-1.Societal Trends(Masashi KOMURO, 2010)
Keywords:Societal, Trend, Organization, information, Government, Family
 1-2.ADCO Features(Masashi KOMURO, 2010)
Keywords:Organization, Empowerment, Control, Role, Leader, Mini-Leader, Manager, Follower,
Top-down, Middle-up, Middle-down, Bottom-up, Leadership, Followership, Identity, Vision

Our Business Method and Business System

 1.SemiSelf Services(Masashi KOMURO, 2011)
   ※SemiSelf : The appropriate division of roles between our clients and our consultants
Keywords:SemiSelf, Service Quality, Cost, The Appropriate Division of Roles
 2.SemiSelf Services(Masashi KOMURO, 2011)
   ※Support : Pay Your Money ※Self : Spend Your Time
Keywords:SemiSelf, Full Service, Full Self Service, Reach Your Optimum level of Cost
 2-1.Case:R+STP+MM+I+C(Masashi KOMURO, 2011)
Keywords:Create New Values and Premiums, Research, STP, MM, Implementation, Control
 2-2.Case:STP+Marketing Mix(Masashi KOMURO, 2011)
Keywords:Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning, Price, Place, Promotion, Product, 4 P’s
Customer Value, Customer Cost, Convenience, Communication, 4 C’s
 2-3.Case:AIDMA or AIDA(Masashi KOMURO, 2011)
Keywords:Create New Values and Premiums, Attention, Interest, Desire, Memory, Action
Recognition stage, Emotional stage, Behavioral stage, Marketing
 2-4.Case:Questionnaire(Masashi KOMURO, 2013)
Keywords:Questionnaire, Logic, Theory, Data, Formulation of Problem, Define concept,
Scaling, Sampling, Data Acquisition, Analysis of Data
 2-5.Case:Eating and Drinking Establishments(Masashi KOMURO, 2011)
Keywords:Create New Values and Premiums, Shopping, Cooking, Serving, Eating, Clearing

Our Lineup and Portfolio

 1.Komuro Consulting Group Lineup(Masashi KOMURO, 2012)
Keywords:Consulting, Seminar, Workshop, Internship, Trainee, Partner, Web Platform,
100HP, 100EC, 333SNS, Marketing, Incubation, New Business Support

 2.Komuro Consulting Group Portfolio(Masashi KOMURO, 2012)
Keywords:Consulting, Seminar, Workshop, Internship, Trainee, Partner, Web Platform,
100HP, 100EC, 333SNS, Marketing, Incubation, New Business Support